Added POWER8 implementation for AES/CTR+CBC-MAC (for CCM and EAX modes).
[BearSSL] / Doxyfile
2017-07-30 Thomas PorninFixed documentation (new include file for AEAD). v0.5
2016-11-23 Thomas PorninMore Doxygen-compatible documentation (SSL API).
2016-11-22 Thomas PorninSome more Doxygen API documentation (X.509 processing).
2016-11-21 Thomas PorninMore API documentation (Doxygen format) for EC code.
2016-11-21 Thomas PorninMore API documentation in Doxygen format (block ciphers...
2016-11-19 Thomas PorninMore Doxygen documentation.
2016-11-19 Thomas PorninMore Doxygen-compatible documentation. Also unified...
2016-11-17 Thomas PorninAdded Doxygen configuration file, and converted bearssl...