Added new 64-bit implementations of Curve25519 and P-256.
[BearSSL] / inc / bearssl.h
2018-08-14 Thomas PorninAdded generic HKDF implementation.
2017-08-28 Thomas PorninAdded seeder API. Also overhauled compile-time detectio...
2017-07-30 Thomas PorninFixed documentation (new include file for AEAD). v0.5
2017-07-17 Thomas PorninAdded general-purpose API for AEAD algorithms, and...
2016-11-30 Thomas PorninSmall documentation fixes.
2016-11-22 Thomas PorninSome more Doxygen API documentation (X.509 processing).
2016-11-19 Thomas PorninMore Doxygen-compatible documentation. Also unified...
2016-11-02 Thomas PorninInitial import.