When using Clang, use it also for linking (compatibility with core FreeBSD systems).
[BearSSL] / tools / sslio.c
2017-01-29 Thomas PorninAdded AES+GHASH implementation using AES-NI opcodes...
2017-01-22 Thomas PorninNew Makefile structure; added compatibility with Window...
2017-01-15 Thomas PorninActivated Curve25519 support for ECDHE cipher suites.
2016-12-28 Thomas PorninAdded ALPN support (client and server).
2016-11-20 Thomas PorninAdded API to save and restore session parameters (for...
2016-11-20 Thomas PorninAdded flag to prohibit renegotiations.
2016-11-05 Thomas PorninFixed some small bugs.
2016-11-02 Thomas PorninInitial import.